Why Choose Galvanized Rebar?


Superior Corrosion Protection

Unlike painting and epoxy which are solely barrier-type coatings, galvanizing provides both barrier and sacrificial protection to the underlying steel.

History of Performance

Zinc coated steel has been used in concrete as far back as 1908 and found regular use as a reinforcing material in the 1930s.

Unparalleled Bond Strength

Galvanized reinforcement in concrete has much better bond (or pull-out) strength than either black or epoxy coated reinforcement.

Exceptional Life Cycle Cost

When the costs and consequences of corrosion damage to a reinforced concrete structure are analyzed, the extra cost of galvanizing is a very small investment in long-term corrosion protection.

No Special Handling

There are no special requirements for the design of galvanized reinforced concrete beyond that which apply to conventional reinforced concrete.

Beauty that Lasts

Galvanized reinforcement ensures a clean appearance of finished concrete by preventing cracking and rust staining, providing lasting beauty for iconic public works like the National Theatre in London and the Sydney Opera House.

Hot-Dip Galvanized Reinforcing Steel in Concrete

Paul Provost with the New York State Thruway Authority tells us the many ways galvanized rebar protects against corrosion to prevent spalling and deteriorated concrete, preserving our infrastructure for decades.

Case Studies


Florida, USA

Galvanized reinforcement was used for the Boca Chica bridge, a vital transportation link from mainland Florida to the Florida Keys.

Iowa, USA


New York, USA

The New York State Thruway Authority has recently begun to specify galvanized reinforcement for all of its bridge decks.

Oregon, USA


Washington, USA


Pennsylvania, USA

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has specified galvanized reinforcement for decades with excellent results.

South Carolina, USA

South Carolina


Galvanized reinforcement is used extensively in Australia in projects ranging from buildings to marina’s to the world’s largest sundial.


Quebec, Canada


Galvanized reinforcement was used in the Deep Tunnel Sewage System used by Singapore for water collection, treatment and disposal.

South Africa

Galvanized reinforcement was used in the approach stairway of a 40-year-old pedestrian bridge (No B776) 50 meters from the sea.

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