Hot-Dip Galvanized Product Standards

Concrete reinforcement can consist of galvanized steel wire, rods and bars. These corrosion resistant concrete reinforcing products can be produced by batch hot dip galvanizing or by continuous hot dip galvanizing. In either case zinc coatings provide long lasting corrosion protection. Relevant national and international product standards for zinc coated reinforcing steel are listed below.

 Origin Designation Title of Standard
ASTM International ASTM A767 Zinc-coated (galvanized) steel bars for concrete reinforcement
ASTM International ASTM A1055 Standard Specification for Zinc and Epoxy Dual-Coated Steel Reinforcing Bars
ASTM International ASTM A1094 Specification for continuous hot-dip galvanized steel bars for concrete reinforcement
International Standards Organization ISO 1461 Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles
International Standards Organization ISO 14657 Zinc-coated steel for the reinforcement of concrete
Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 4680 Hot-dip galvanizing (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles
Canada CAN/CSA G164 Hot dip galvanizing of irregularly shaped articles
France NF A35-025 Hot dip galvanized bars and coils for reinforced concrete
Germany Z-1.4-165 Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung – Feuerverzinkte Betonstahle
(General approval by the building authorities – Galvanized reinforcing steel)
India IS 12594 Hot-dip coatings on structural steel bars for concrete reinforcement specifications
Italy UNI 10622 Zinc-coated (galvanized) steel bars and wire rods for concrete reinforcement
South Africa SABS/ISO 1461 Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles
Europe prEN EC019023 Steel for reinforcement – Galvanized reinforcing steel