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Engineering Properties

Mechanical Properties

Ductility and Yield/Tensile Strength
Ductility and strength of reinforcing steel are important to prevent brittle failure of reinforced concrete. Studies on the effect of galvanizing on the mechanical properties of steel reinforcing bars have demonstrated that the tensile, yield, and ultimate strength, ultimate elongation, and bend requirements of steel reinforcement are substantially unaffected by hot-dip galvanizing, provided proper attention is given to steel selection, fabrication practices and galvanizing procedures. The effect of the galvanizing process on the ductility of steel bar anchors and inserts after being subjected to different fabrication procedures has also been investigated. The results demonstrate conclusively that, with correct choice of steel and galvanizing procedures, there is no reduction in the steelís ductility.

Fatigue Strength
An extensive experimental program examining the fatigue resistance of galvanized steel reinforcement shows that deformed reinforcing steel, exposed to an aggressive environment prior to testing under cyclic tension loading, performs better when galvanized.

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